UNIX and Solaris consulting

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The SurecITy consulting team has a combined experience of more than 40 years in the world of UNIX. Starting with SYS V systems on AT&T servers running on 386 processors to todays multi-core, multi-threaded and highly virtualised servers running different UNIX flavours. Our core competency covers all versions of Solaris on Intel and SPARC CPUs as well as different Linux distributions, predominantly RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu.

Our main customers in Australia and New Zealand are found in the telco, banking or insurance business. However, we also cater for SMBs if they need our support.

A strong focus in our consulting business is security. From hardening existing systems to deploying new servers or gold images to virtual machines. We can also cover the firewall infrastructure supporting the UNIX servers, supported by our CISSP https://www.isc2.org and CISA http://www.isaca.org.au certifications.